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В какой-то момент оказалось, что Годвилль существует не только в русскоязычной версии, и я подумала, что будет весело пройти уже известный путь заново. Весело начинать: все шутки свежи, великие свершения ещё впереди, а монстры - в новинку :)

All the king's horses and all the king's men are trying to put me together again. The horses aren't very good at it.

Luminous One, I think all these head injuries I'm getting from fighting are making me lose my short term memory. I also think that all these head injuries I'm getting from fighting are making me lose my short term memory.

Felt life flowing back into me like milk into a glass. Now I have a craving for chocolate chip cookies.

Here I am, standing at the entrance of this deep cave and wondering who is that idiot down there repeating all the things I shout?

A giant cable descended from the sky, wrapped itself around me, and re-energized my body. Thanks, Great One, but we need to talk about where to plug it in next time.

They were giving out free equipment at the traders. I got an automatic badaboom and only had to pay 1990 coins in shipping and handling. I love free stuff!

Money makes the world go round? Well, beer makes it spin round twice as fast... To the tavern!

With a sudden shriek, a crazy doctor jumped out from the bushes, stitched up my wounds, and disappeared in a puff of smoke. I feel much better now but I think I might need to change my pants.

Sometimes I question my sanity. Occasionally, it replies.

A wise man told me that I was a compelling argument against both evolution and intelligent design, and that the only explanation for my existence was that I'm here for your entertainment. Is that why you made me such a good singer, Great One?
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