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Road to Avonlea - May the Best Man Win

Снова история с любовью, робостью, несовпадениями, волшебством, ложью, надеждой, смущением и решимостью.

Отношения "строго профессиональные" умножаются на любовь, не осознающую себя. Немного вмешательства со стороны детей, волшебное зелье от эвонлийской ведьмы, подличанье с одной стороны и почти что подвиг - с другой... и всё становится на места.

FELIX: "Aunt Olivia and Jasper are far too ancient to get married. They're almost as old as you and father."

EDWIN CLARK: "Forgive me for being so forward, but you are as beautiful as I remember. I'd like to see you again, if I may."
OLIVIA: "No. I mean, yes. I don't know. When?"

SARA: "Remember, that best man always wins."
JASPER: "I'm not sure about that.”

SARA: "She'll go and live in Halifax and be unhappy ever after. We simply need your help to do something, to stop all this."

HETTY: "...and leave Olivia free to pursue..."
JASPER: "Ms. King."
HETTY: "...a full life. There are somethings that one can not change, you see."
JASPER: "Things... ca... can be changed."
HETTY: "Ha!"
JASPER: "No. They will be changed."
HETTY: "Ha!”

PEG BOWEN: "Magic can't force a square block into a round hole, you know?"
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